Photocat has collaborated with DTU (Technical University of Denmark) with making an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) on our products, and can finally announce that it has been published in a scientific journal. It has been an exciting experience Henrik Jensen, CTO and Co-founder says and showed his gratitude towards DTU:

« It was a great pleasure working with Prof. Thomas Højlund Christensen and his group at DTU Environment. Together with scientists at DTU, we have published an LCA on the Photocat technology that shows the environmental and climate benefits of removing NOx using photocatalysis… »

Together with DTU, they have found some interesting results, which Henrik explains:

« …Not only did the study show a twofold environmental benefit (a factor 100) but the photocatalytic technology also showed a climate benefit saving the world for 10 kg of CO2 pr. kg of NOx removed. The NOxOFF technology saves lives in the most sustainable way. »